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Sharara Oil Services Company was established pursuant to the decision number 291 for the year 2007, it is one of three companies that commenced its activities in the field of Oil Derivatives marketing.

The company began its works on 6th of June 2008 where it has begun to own and manage 106 petrol distribution stations in all regions and cities of Libya, in addition to 65 private and public stations for the distribution of Oil derivatives, all supplied and supported by the company, so the total number of Oil derivatives distribution stations that owned and supplied and managed by sharara oil services company are more than 173 stations based in all regions from the north to the south and from the east to the west around the country.
In addition to the study, plan and approval by the company for the construction of new stations for oil derivatives distribution.

The company is active in the field of supplying the vessels and aviation sector and the consumers from public corporations, economical units, factories, national and foreign companies that work in the field of development of oil derivatives.

It is also active in the field of import and distribution of all types of mineral oils and some oil derivatives.

The company owns a fleet of oil derivatives transportation trucks, it is considered to be an example and distinct model for participation and contribution as the company was established in a form between 1112 Libyan male and female labours of professionals, engineers and experts in different specialities, they are distributed on the company offices in all Libyan cities starting from the main office in Tripoli and the offices in Zawia, The west mountain, Khoms, Misurata, Sert, Jufra, The soutn, Bengazi and Tubruk.

sharara Oil Services Company has commenced its activity with Confidence and merit and determination to achieve the goals it had been established for. It is working on self-assertion and the competition for providing best services for all levels of customers in the field of Oil Derivatives supply.

sharara Oil Services Company is proud of providing best services available through more than 173 petrol stations scattered all around Libya.

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