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Marketing and Distribution

The process of marketing and distribution of oil derivatives is one of the most important activities in the company, through this process; the company performs the marketing and distribution of oil derivatives to the biggest customers such as Power generation stations, Cement factories, Chemicals compounds and the general companies, in addition to the petrol stations. The process based on the company's marketing policy that was adopted for achieving the company’s goals for improving the natural growth rates that are essential for the economical and public needs in Libya through marketing channels.

The transportation and distribution of oil derivatives are run by a fleet of fuel transport trucks to reach to every village and city in Libya.

Supply of fuel and oil derivatives to vessels and aircrafts

One of the activities assigned to the company is supplying vessels and aircrafts with fuel, oil derivatives, oils, greases and other oil derivatives in all airports. Therefore, the company is preparing for this activity to contract with all the national and international airlines and other organizations which own aircrafts for different purposes such as Aviation clubs, Agricultural pest control, Red Crescent and other. For this purpose, the company provides a modern fleet of transportation vehicles equipped with high technology that enable them of supplying all types of aircraft efficiently around the clock.

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