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Activities and events of the company in the national and international forums

The company has sponsored several national and international forums and activities include the following:

  • Sponsoring the second exhibition in Libya for cars, spare parts and workshop equipment which has been organized in November 2008 at Maetiga International Airport.
  • The golden sponsorship of the Libyan Desert challenge rally which has been organized during the period from 3rd to 10th of March 2009 in Sabha city.
  • Fuel Supply to the vehicles for the France rally in Tunisia across the Libyan Desert in April 2009.
  • Participated in the first national exhibition for the program of property expanding during the month of December 2008.
  • Participated in the Oil & Services international exhibition in the city of Hammamet in Tunisia during the month of April 2009.
  • Sponsored the workshop entitled Corporate Planning in cooperation with the General Authority for titling and investment in May 2009.
  • Sponsored and supported several broadcast, culture, politics and sports programs.
  • Sponsored the third Libya international fair for cars, spare parts, workshops equipment and transportation in November 2009.

All these participations and contributions by the company for pushing the wheel of development, progress and the giving, also for introducing the company profile in such events and forums at the national and international level.

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